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Psychiatric and psychotherapeutic (therapy or counselling) care for adults, children, adolescents and families 
Established 1977

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Atlanta Area Family Psychiatry Clinic, P.C.
7000 Peachtree Dunwoody Rd.Building 16 Suite 100, Sandy Springs, Georgia 30328
Telephone (770) 393-1880 - Fax (770) 393-1885

You may also call the office
 at (770) 393-1880 ext "0" 
to Pay an Alternate Amount 
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​UPDATE: November 24, 2023 
Please note the following 2 updates:
    1. Prescription Requests: All Rx refill requests are to be made on our website (Request Rx Refill above.) The service charge will be charged through Luminello for out of office requests (NO LONGER paid through PayPal.)

    2. Billing Receipts and Super-Bills for TAX records or INSURANCE filing
         a. Transactions from June 16, 2023, on. You will need your Luminello portal to download a receipt for your appointment(s) or any transaction since June 16th, 2023. Go to your portal and you will find options to print out a single receipt or multiple appointments from June 16th. 2023 on. Ask your provider for a portal invitation if you don't have one set up yet.
         b. Transactions prior to June 16, 2023; are in our old software, Wisdom, which is being deactivated by the current owner, Oracle, which acquired it from Cerner last year. Up to December 26, 2023, we will have the capability to mail you a printout of your earlier transactions. Beyond December 26th, that data will no longer be available so if you need a printout for insurance or tax purposes contact the office right away and have them mail you a printout.

Also note: Luminello is active for all transactions. We will now use your portal account charge your credit card at the time of each appointment and Rx requests.
If you haven't set up your portal already, ask your clinician for an e-mail invitation from Luminello to create your patient portal account and then set up your portal account and enter your credit card information. (PayPal is a BACKUP ONLY.)

​Please discuss any questions with your provider. You will receive email billing notices from Luminello to use them to file for insurance or tax purposes. 
We are no longer using the "Blue Bills."
Our old software, Wisdom, will be deactivated by Wisdom in December, 2023.

Prescription delivery: All prescriptions are now E-Prescribed directly to your pharmacy. 

Effective 7/24/2023: Below are PayPal options. This page is for BACKUP payments ONLY until you set up your Luminello portal. Thank-You